Looking Back

This blog features poems by a native New Englander and octogenarian, as he looks back on the stomping grounds of his youth -- Chaffee's Woods, Kent Heights, Beach Pond, Escoheag, Wood River -- and his army days in Europe towards the end of WWII.

Friday, April 22, 2011

One Day's Memories

I walked on lonely Moonstone Beach
One misty Saturday
When sounds of surf were muffled by
The foggy shroud that lay
Upon the sea, and on the dunes
Where children used to play.

I watched a couple stroll along
Oblivious of me,
They went their way as lovers do
When happy just to be
Together for a little while
To share the wind and sea.

I thought of days when you and I
Once drifted off to lie
Upon this stretch of sandy beach
Where seagulls wheel and cry,
And where we spoke of quiet love
That promised ne’er to die.

Those days were warm with carefree love
And I remember well,
When side by side we laughed and swam
On each incoming swell.
Then soaked up sun, entwined in love
With only gulls to tell.

I cling to those fond memories
Of happy times gone past,
Of days before you went away,
Of time that went too fast.
You’ve faded like this mist will fade
With love that didn’t last.

I wish we could return those days
Of sun, and sand, and sea,
I’m sure with wisdom gleaned from years
We’d live more peacefully,
And find that deep, eternal love
That’s meant for you and me.

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