Looking Back

This blog features poems by a native New Englander and octogenarian, as he looks back on the stomping grounds of his youth -- Chaffee's Woods, Kent Heights, Beach Pond, Escoheag, Wood River -- and his army days in Europe towards the end of WWII.

Sunday, April 10, 2011


February 2011
‘Tis snowing – once again I fear
With spring far off, and winter here
We went to bed
That’s all – we said,
But woke to more of winter’s cheer.

And even though we think we’re tough,
We have no place to put the stuff.
It’s piled so high
Above the eye
That’s how we know, we’ve had enough.

We wonder what the months will bring
Before we ever see the spring
More snow, we’re sure
We must endure
This climate’s cold, a wintery thing

And tho we think of better times
We’ve chosen this o’er warmer climes
And so we must
Dig out or bust
And only dream of melting rhymes

And so we gaze upon the snow
And go outside, so slow, so slow
And wonder when
The snow will end
And once again the grass we’ll mow.

"Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow..."

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